I'm QAing https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/pull/9255 and trying to run a couple of relevant test locally:

~/src/civicrm-buildkit/build/qa/sites/all/modules/civicrm$ tools/scripts/phpunit api_v3_JobProcessMailingTest --filter testConcurrency

I'm getting the following error output from each time the test uses CiviUnitTestCase::createExternalAPI to call the API:

[is_error] => 1
[error_message] => External API returned malformed response.
[trace] => Array
        [code] => 127
        [stdout] => 
        [stderr] => sh: 1: cv: not found


cv api Contact.get works as expected from the same directory.

Any ideas on what to do next to debug? I get why the test wants to do things concurrently, but my eyes start glazing over (only a little!) when I start looking at civicrm/Civi/API/ExternalBatch.php and I'm hoping I might have overlooked something 'obvious'.

  • I tried doing a bit of troubleshooting, mainly in tests/phpunit/CiviTest/bootstrap.php, but I'm not convinced that's the right place. In any case, this DOES work for me. – Jon G - Megaphone Tech Dec 15 '16 at 20:58
  • Hmm, this SO answer was brought to us by the letter ^A, which might be relevant (CiviCRM uses this character as a value separator). Asker closes with "I would encourage anyone with a similar problem to look for hidden characters in the string used with popen()." – Chris Burgess Dec 17 '16 at 17:55

The error message says sh: 1: cv not found, so the symptom here is that the proc_open() call is unable to find the executable cv.

It looked like the place to check this should be cv() function in tests/phpunit/CiviTest/bootstrap.php ... but I wasn't able to get that to work.

Having investigated, I suspect that this may be an issue in \Civi\API\ExternalBatch. In that class's constructor,

$this->env = $_ENV;

At this point in the tests, $_ENV = ['CIVICRM_UF' => 'UnitTests']. There is no path here, and the call to cv fails. Manually inserting a PATH into $_ENV here does restore the ability to call cv, but then fails with a further "malformed response" error, "Failed to determine INI file path.".

This must be working on tests.civicrm.org, so perhaps it's a configuration issue that affects both our test environments?

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