I'm setting up a Signup, Renew, Donate page for both Membership signup/renewal and adding in an optional donation. I first tried setting the Financial Type = Membership. Everything worked fine, except the Membership and Donation were consolidated into one fee, not separate despite checking "Separate Membership Payment" when setting up the page. Also, on the receipt to the member, the two fees are added together, so they can't see how much was a donation (fully tax deductible) and how much was a membership (only partially deductible).

So, I tried setting Financial Type = "Donations" and now everything works correctly in the database regarding both separate donation and membership entries, as well as getting the membership info correct. If an offline payment is selected, the invoice nicely breaks out the membership and donation information - see attached. HOWEVER, for an ONline payment, there is a separate email receipt for both the donation and the membership - see attached. The donation receipt is correct. However, the membership receipt shows TWICE the amount, because the membership is counted BOTH as a membership and now a redundant donation - see attached. If the optional donation is not included, the membership receipt still is double-counted, which will certainly create confusion to members.

Is this a configuration issue that someone else has solved? OR, is it possibly a bug in generating the email receipt. Everything works perfectly except the separate e-mail for the membership. Ideally, the email receipt, like the invoice, would simply show both items with the correct total.

Thanks for any help on this.

The screenshot below shows correct reply on our website. Going into the CiviCRM database, a $17 Contribution is recorded as a donation, and a $30 membership is also recorded and the member's membership status is accurately updated. Correct screen reply
(source: sdcbcdream.org)

Below is the corresponding incorrect Membership Receipt in email. Note that the membership fee of $30 is listed also as a contribution, so that the total $60 is exactly DOUBLE. Incorrect Membership Receipt in email
(source: sdcbcdream.org)

Below we see that the Donation Receipt in email is perfect. Correct Donation Receipt in email
(source: sdcbcdream.org)

Finally, the Invoice below generated for an offline payment (Pay Later) also correctly breaks out the total plus each item. It would be great if a receipt like this could be combine into just one receipt e-mail, although not necessary. We just don't want it to look like the Membership cost was double the actual. Correct Offline Invoice in email
(source: sdcbcdream.org)

  • This is CiviCRM 4.7.12 hosted on WordPress 4.6.1 Commented Dec 15, 2016 at 21:58

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This is fixed now in the latest 4.7 - I know this for a fact because I QAed it!

You'll still get two receipts - but the math now adds up.

  • Thank you, Karin! That's just the motivation we need to do the 4.7.14 update. Commented Dec 17, 2016 at 4:43
  • After updating to 4.7.14, the problem with the receipts is fixed... GREAT! That's only the good news, though. When a person selects a membership and enters an optional donation, the math on the Confirm Contribution page "may" now be incorrect. In testing, one tester ALWAYS has the correct Membership amount, but the Donation amount is the SUM of the Membership and Donation. If you click Make Contribution, that is also how it is billed and recorded, so the user sends more money than planned. This was not a problem in Civi 4.7.12 - only the receipt was messed up. The transaction was good. Commented Dec 21, 2016 at 17:58
  • Elaborating on the above comment, we had 3 people test this with Civi 4.7.14 [note Dummy payment processor ;)]. Two of the testers had no issues. Confirm Contribution page correct, transaction in the database correct, receipts correct [separate emails for Membership and Donation]. However, one of the testers ALWAYS had the incorrect behavior above. So, it somehow is user-dependent, but doesn't seem random. I will add that the 2 successful testers also had Administrator privileges in Wordpress. The one failed tester had no Wordpress login whatsoever and we don't demand that our members make one Commented Dec 21, 2016 at 18:01
  • One more thing, the one failed tester got the same behavior whether our Contribution Page started as Financial Type = Membership and then ADDED Donation, or if we started as Financial Type = Donation and then ADDED Membership. In Civi 4.7.12, the behavior was different. Commented Dec 21, 2016 at 18:10
  • Hey Karl - we had two CiviCRM contributors test a very specific scenario but I'm not surprised to hear you are still observing some issues with 4.7 under some conditions. Best to add another JIRA ticket. Commented Dec 21, 2016 at 20:10

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