After upgrading to Joomla 3.6.5 (from, I forget which - should have made a note) the CiviDiscount navigation URL is broken (sends me to the CiviCRM dashboard). I also did a more minor update of CiviCRM to 4.7.14 (from 4.7.10ish) immediately after.

This question deals with a similar problem in Drupal. This is the URL that I am sent to from the menu: http://[site]/administrator/?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/cividiscount

What should it be instead?

  • What version of CiviDiscount did you install? Make sure you have the latest version 3.3.
    – Christia
    Jan 3 '17 at 20:32
  • Yes, it is 3.3. Jan 4 '17 at 15:00

After I discovered that the CiviVolunteer menu URLs were also broken, I updated to the most recent version of CiviVolunteer. That fixed the CiviVol broken URLs, and the CiviDiscount URL is also fixed.

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