I have installed a payment processor extension and it is only in english by default. The vendor delivered a .po and a .mo file with a german translation of the extension. What is the best way to implement the translation of the extension? As I'm new to CiviCRM and following what i have read in the documentation i need to do it via a team on the Transifex project?

Is this the only way? Or can i do it manually as well? It is connected to a drupal CMS and i know how to translate custom modules in drupal.

Any hint appreciated!

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Just after starting the bounty i have found what i was looking for:

To merge two .po files you'll need to use some shell magic. I did the following:

  • extract the original civicrm.mo file to a .po file with this gettext-command: msgunfmt civicrm.mo -o civicrm.po to an empty folder

  • paste the .po file of the extension to the same folder

  • merge the two .po files with this command: msgcat --use-first *.po | msgfmt -o civicrm.mo -

  • replace the original civicrm.mo file on the server with the newly created one

  • clear cache

This is working for me. The extension is translated.

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