I'm trying to find the activity_type with the highest value, so I can ++ that value and insert a new activity type. I thought this would be easy.

I cannot sort on the "value" column of the option_value table because it is a varchar column containing (in this case) numbers. Take the following api call:

civicrm_api3('OptionValue', 'getsingle', [
  'option_group_id' => 'activity_type',
  'options' => ['sort' => 'value DESC', 'limit' => 1]

This ought to return the activity type with the highest value. However, it returns "9" because I guess mysql thinks the string "9" > "62" (which is the actual max in my sandbox).

Anyone have a good approach to suggest?


I see if we try to modify the sort col with any sql defined functions, it gets returned with the Error Message. For Eg - ['sort' => 'CAST(value AS decimal) DESC'] returns

Unknown field specified for sort. Cannot order by 'CAST(value AS decimal) DESC'.

Maybe, there should be some modification in CRM_Utils_Rule::mysqlOrderBy() to either handle such cases.

Or we can simply use get instead of getsingle and then order the returned result values using array functions.

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