I'm getting started with creating extensions and I see that each extension needs a "full name" or "fully qualified name" or "key", which often serves as the name of the git repository too. I see that the domain names used in these fully qualified names are either (1) civicrm.org or (2) the domain name of the development shop creating the extension.

I'm not currently part of a development shop, but I'd like to create an extension which I can share with others later on. How should I pick a domain name to use within my extension's fully qualified name?

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    But seriously, you can just call it org.civicrm.myextension
    – Coleman
    Feb 11, 2017 at 2:00

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You can pick anything you want as the domain name. I sense that these answers could get hilarious. Some suggestions from me (others please add your own):

But of those, lolcats.com says "extension developer" to me the most:

enter image description here


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