I have just created a donate form via Civi. Tried to donate (after logging in as account holder) and completed first from ok. DOB in correct format of

27-09-64 (selected from the pop calendar)

On clicking Confirm Payment the page asking

Please verify the information below carefully

showns - However that is where it has altered the format to

DOB 09/27/1964

and on clicking Continue I get

Please correct the following errors in the form fields below: Please select Date of Birth

Can someone tell me how to solve please?

Joomla 3.6.5 - Civicrm 4.7.14

  • Thanks for the reply - cannot see reference to uk - screenshot awesomescreenshot.com/image/2154069/… – Andy Goodall Feb 9 '17 at 16:17
  • firstly - tx Andy for that pointer - i have updated as you outline. Still does not work but I noticed that when I set my date of both in the calendar it shows 27-09-1964 - when i click confirm payment it shows as 27/09/1964. Is this the cause and how do i solve? the first date format i have toi selct from a calendar to choose date - no option to select forward slash – Andy Goodall Feb 9 '17 at 16:28
  • I changed the Date Format to dd-mm-yyyy but a profile I have still used dd/mm/yyy. This was because the definition of the date in the custom field set was dd/mm/yyyy. When I changed this custom field fomat to dd-mm-yyyy then the profile changed - so this overrode the Date Format setting. You should be able to fix the problem by getting these 2 settings to agree. – Andy Clark Feb 9 '17 at 17:42
  • Ok, tx for your patience - I have had no luck yet - these are the 2 screens I have been working on awesomescreenshot.com/image/2155431/… awesomescreenshot.com/image/2155433/… awesomescreenshot.com/image/2155444/… These are the settings - I have tried various settings for birth but no effect. Is there a third area of CiviCrm I should be looking at? – Andy Goodall Feb 9 '17 at 22:05
  • When you say that you created a donate form in Civi, how did you do it? See this issues.civicrm.org/jira/browse/CRM-19490 - looks likely – Andy Clark Feb 9 '17 at 22:15

Have you formatted the date in Administer/Localization/Date Formats? For the UK 'Complete Date' is set to '%B %E, %Y', and 'Complete Date and Time' is set to '%E%f %B, %Y %l:%M %P'. Also 'Date Input Fields' is set to 'dd/mm/yyyy' which is probably the critical one in this case.

  • Have updated my comments -any more suggestions? this is def the right area – Andy Goodall Feb 9 '17 at 16:35

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