I found this example but it doesn't look like it would generalise to all hooks.

The use case is for API4 - basically whenever any action is called I think we should be able to verify that particular hooks (and only those hooks) are called.

  • +1 on this, as I wanted to test that hook inputs correspond to the specs and did not find a good way to do it.
    – cividesk
    Mar 2, 2017 at 6:15

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So I figured this out. The specific hook engine for unit testing, very conveniently, comes with an injectable mock property.

After grabbing the hook engine with $this->hookClass = \CRM_Utils_Hook::singleton() you just need to inject a mock object that has a magic __call() method with somthing like:


The hook engine will then call your __call($name, $arguments) method with every hook invocation.

You can see a fuller example here (please ignore the reporting stuff going on - I doubt that is best practice! Also the use of the unit test class as the mock is a bit lazy - its probably best to make a new class to provide the mock)

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