using the rest API, I am able to change 'normal' fields with a single occurence. But I can't figure out what I should do to change the first email addressl.

Civicrm only accepts post requests to do a database change. If I put in the post parameter hash something like

{ :contact_type => 'Individual',
:id => 14330,
:job_title => 'workaholic',
'email[0][email]' => '[email protected]',
:entity => 'Contact' }))

the corresponding record is changed (job title is changed) and the email address is added. But not replaced. Do I miss some required parameter to make this work?

thanks in advance

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This can best be done through the Email object. Find the collection of Email objects having contact_id 14330. Take the first object and use its id to change it:

issue a post request with

{ :entity=> 'Email',
   :id=> *EMAILID*,
   :email=> '[email protected]',
   :action => 'create'

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