I'm having problems getting the form we set up for contributions to show up on the front page (using the twenty seventeen wp template) -- have resorted to using a the 'page links to' plugin, but it's just a temp fix. These were the instructions my hubs sent me, which don't seem to work. THANKS!

Go to Contributions > Manage Contribution Pages > click Links next to your membership sign-up/renewal page > click Live Page. Copy the URL and insert it into an HTML link or menu.

Or click the Wordpress shortcode icon to insert a form into any page or post.

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For the TwentySeventeen theme to add content to the Home page we have a few options:

  • Set the static front page option in Customizer to a page
  • We can then have a widgetized front page controlled by the Theme Options in the Customizer

I tested this and I can add the Page with the CiviCRM shortcode and set it to be the front page. https://civi47.tadpole.cc/ shows an example of this.

However, if you are trying to set this as the second piece of content via the Theme Options - that does not work for me as well. I suspect this is due to the way the theme is implementing its home page.


According to the documentation, you can do this as follows:

You can easily embed your contribution page in a post or page on your WordPress front-end site.

  1. Login to the administration dashboard of your WordPress site.
  2. Click on Pages or Posts > Add New
  3. Click on the CiviCRM icon next to Upload / Insert
  4. Select Contribution Page as your Frontend Element
  5. Select the desired contribution page
  6. Save the page or post, and your contribution page will automatically be embedded within your site's theme on that page.

Read more at: Online contributions

  • Tried that, too, and it's still not populating the area on the twenty seventeen home page with the form.
    – Rebecca
    Commented Feb 22, 2017 at 21:56

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