Entering a date has changed in 4.7.16 so the user can no longer drop down the year in order to select a year in the past. Now they have to scroll through months to go backwards! Imagine entering a date of birth of (say) 1967 - you have to go back 600 months!! I'm assuming this is a bug, but rather a serious one from a user's point of view. Does anyone know how this can be easily reverted to what it was before? In the meantime I'm avoiding my users....

I have raised problem CRM-20209


There was an issue due to some refactoring around the handling of date fields to try to standardise them. This lead to a problem most notably in birth date fields in 4.7.16 but i'm guessing can be found elsewhere. This issue was raised CRM-19982

I suspect the same fix will most likely work for you. If you have a test site or would like to give a test a shot. I would recommend you look at the changes made to the files in the DAO directories here in the Pull Request and make the same changes on your server.

That pull has been merged into 4.7.17 which will be released i think in the next week or so

  • I applied the fix and it's working OK now, thanks again
    – Andy Clark
    Mar 4 '17 at 8:37
  • Excellent good to hear Andy.
    – Seamus Lee
    Mar 5 '17 at 9:03

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