Re: PayPal Standard

When we make a donation, the process proceeds normally through the PayPal screens until returning back to our website where we get this message:

"You do not have permission to access this content."

I noticed that the url for the page has this query string added:


I'm guessing extern/ipn.php is adding that query string. The error happens whether a user is logged in or not, even with admin permissions.

If I removed the query string, of course I get to the original donation page w/ no error message. I checked permissions; profile views are allowed for all roles, however profile listings are not. The permission "CiviContribute: make online contributions" is also checked for each role.

On a possibly related note, the payments are not being marked as complete in Civi even though they show complete in both accounts in PayPal. I made sure I had a complete resource url w/ http://, but this has not helped.

Any help or clues appreciated.

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