Since CiviCRM 4.7 it is possible to print/merge documents not only as a pdf-file but also as an odt, docx or html file.

Does the function to create odt or docx files require any particular setting, installed libraries etc? I did not find any documentation and wanted to ask before I start debugging.

I have a "fresh" CiviCRM 4.7.16 instance and I am able to create pdf and html files but not docx or odt (File not found error).


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I had a similar issue on an installation with PHPOffice.

PHPOffice is automatically installed via composer in CiviCRM, but apparently composer fails to check for needed PHP extensions. In my case php-zip was missing, and after installing that everything went fine.

I am not sure if composer should check the requirements, or if they aren't properly configured. Eli's comment helped a lot debugging this for me!

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