Working on an extension that is aiming to be compatible with 4.6 and 4.7. The complete PCP api is only available as of 4.7 as far as I can tell.

So for 4.6 users, the extension can include the PCP api but "bypassed" for 4.7 users?

Because the api implementation in the extension is in api//. So how can 4.7 ignore this?

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When you call an API, Civi does a search to locate it. That typically means searching the PHP include_path for a file named api/v3/{$entity}/{$action}.php or api/v3/{$entity}.php. The include_path is typically managed via hook_civicrm_config.

It sounds like want to change hook_civicrm_config so that the effect is:

  • Add /path/to/org.example.myext/ to the include_path unconditionally. This contains all you're normal/common files.
  • Add /path/to/org.example.myext/backports to the include_path if it's an old version (4.6). This contains only the backports/polyfills for older versions.

In most civix-based extensions, it does the first automatically with this snippet:

function {myext}_civicrm_config(&$config) {

The _{myext}_civix_civicrm_config() is a baseline/default implementation that unconditionally adds /path/to/org.example.myext/ to the include_path. Take a look at the code in _{myext}_civix_civicrm_config($config) to see how it works.

Then you can write a similar function to add /path/to/org.example.myext/backports. Finally, call it:

function {myext}_civicrm_config(&$config) {
  if (version_compare(CRM_Utils_System::version(), '4.7', '<')) {

function _{myext}_config_backports(&$config) {

You can use the civicrm setting API to check which version you are working with?

$version = civicrm_api3('Domain', 'getvalue', array('return' => "version"));

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