In my installation, under admin/setting/localization, I have enabled multiple currencies. The default is $. The monetary amount display is %c %a.

If I create a new contribution page in CiviCRM, I can choose a currency for that page. I've chosen €. Regardless of the setting, it displays $ in the contribution page edit form, but on the preview and live links in CiviCRM, it shows €.

If I create a webform to use that contribution page, the contribution amount widget shows $. Also, in the webform output, the #wf-crm-billing-items table shows the amount in dollars, see below.

I haven't tested, but I expect it will actually charge € from the webform. I also want it to display €.

I have cleared all sort of caches. Is there a setting I am missing or is this a bug ?

enter image description here

PS - interesting little snippet I can do in the console on that page :

"$ 9.99"
CRM.formatMoney('init', false, '€1,234.56');
  • .. or is there a way to disable the line items box ?
    – commonpike
    Mar 30, 2017 at 12:59

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So that you can actually do

    jQuery(document).on('ready',function() {
      CRM.formatMoney('init', false, 'RM1,234.56');
         var $this = jQuery(this);
         var amount = $this.data('amount');

But, not accepting that as an answer.

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