Is it possible to design a single donation page that offers both recurring and one time? I'm trying to avoid two separate forms.

I have Webform for Civi setup as well as eWay.

If yes, any links would be appreciated.


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I'm not sure about the integration of this with Webforms (I assume you can do it), but if you can use a regular CiviCRM contribution page, you'll be able to set up a page that offers both recurring donations and one time donations.

Under Contributions>Manage Contribution Pages>"Your contribution page">Amounts tab

You will see a field to define fixed donation amounts: civicrm fixed donation amounts

You will also see a field to define whether you'd like people to define their own donation amounts: civicrm user-defined donation amounts

The third field you want to pay attention to is for defining recurring contributions as you'd like to. This will put a checkbox where a user can decide whether they want to make a recurring donation or a single donation: enter image description here

Put it all together... and your CiviCRM contribution page will look something like: enter image description here


Since recently - you can also do this in webform_civicrm! It works a little different in that a donor can select an amount -> and then the donor can specify whether to pay this:

1) in one go; or 2) in installments - and of course the installment part is completely configurable a la webform components [whether you let the user select options or whether you set specific ones].

If the donor selects an amount that can't be divided by the #installments it will automatically round down the subsequent installments and charge a little more for the first one;

Example: How do I configure the new recurring contribution feature in Webform CiviCRM module?

That's for an Event Registration - webform_civicrm does not care if you do Contributions or Event Registrations (or Memberships);

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