I never check the geocode box when importing. Yet, I found that even small imports were taking a long time. I ran strace on the php process and saw lots of lookups to google. So I disabled both the mapping provider and geocoding provider globally, re-ran the import and it went through in a fraction of the time.

Next, I took a closer look at the code that is triggered based on the geo coding checkbox:

The file: Contact/Import/Parser/Contact.php contains:

 public function import($onDuplicate, &$values, $doGeocodeAddress = FALSE) {
    $config = CRM_Core_Config::singleton();
    $this->_unparsedStreetAddressContacts = array();
    if (!$doGeocodeAddress) {
      // CRM-5854, reset the geocode method to null to prevent geocoding
      $config->geocodeMethod = NULL;

In other words, if geo code checkbox is unchecked, the $doGeocodeAddress is set to false. If it is set to false, then we set $config->geocodeMethod = NULL;

Hm. Could this possibly work? If you set a property on a singleton locally in a function, it seems like it would not be available outside the function.

However, this "fix" has been in place for years so I'm asking this question as a sanity check before opening a ticket.

Maybe something changed in the behavior of PHP?


The answer is bug, but not for the reasons I thought.

In short: the addition of MagicMerge seems to be the culprit, resulting in changed behavior when geocodeMethod is set to NULL.

Long answer:

First, setting the property of a singleton in one function, does result in it persisting even in other functions. The singleton really does act like a global variable. That's how this has worked all the way up to 4.7.

However, in 4.7 MagicMerge was introduced to streamline the configuration object.

This approach added __get and __set functions to handle properties that are not defined.

Now, if a property (like geocodeMethod) is set, it is added to the cache ($this->cache[$name] = $v;). So far so good.

However, when it is retrieved, it only comes from the cache if it is set:

if (isset($this->cache[$k])) {
  return $this->cache[$k];

Oops. If we set it to NULL it will never be retrieved from the cache and will always be retrieved using the function CRM_Utils_Geocode::getProviderClass

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