Is it possible to change "contact type" for a batch of records rather than go into each one at a time? I have found the records I want to change, but "change contact type" does not seem to be a batch option offered.


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You can not change the contact type in a batch as a contact type also has some functionality in it. For example a Individual does not have a value in the field organization_name and an organization does not have a gender_id.

So you have to change the contact type in a program, using the API Explorer or directly in the database. And for both: be careful!

The Contact Editor extension allows you to change contact types safely. It checks for potential data loss, which isn't possible with the API method or the Merge method.

  • Yes - this is difficult on purpose (to prevent data loss) Apr 3, 2017 at 17:40

If you're going eg from Individual - A to Individual - B and you have made double sure there are no custom fields that can go missing - then you can use mysql on the command line to update Contact Types for a set of given contacts en bulk.

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