I can't seem to find the Dashboard Cache Timeout setting, which according to my experience and documentation can be adjusted

by visiting Administer > System Settings > Misc and editing Dashboard cache timeout.

But this setting is not to be found at that location, neither on my (slightly dated) out-of-the box 4.7.15 install, nor on the Drupal demo site.

Has this setting been moved or removed as of some version of CiviCRM? If so, how would one go about changing the Dashboard Cache Timeout?

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This setting has been moved to each Reports(Access Tab). Major improvements related to dashlet has been done in 4.7.11 version. Hence, if you wish to change the cache timeout.

  1. Navigate to any Reports.
  2. Click on Access Tab.
  3. Enable Available for Dashboard? checkbox which displays the setting you need.

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