Does anyone use the little printer icon at the top right of many pages? It is supposed to produce a printer-friendly view of the page, but the output looks pretty bad. It shows the main content rather than the whole page that you get from a browser print so is potentially useful.

According to this this jira, the printer friendly views were ok in 4.4.20, deteriorated in 4.5.9 and improved a bit by 4.6.9.

So, is this an old piece of cruft that can be removed, or a useful feature in need of attention?

  • I tried to use it the other day on a 4.7 install and it wasn't very pretty! If it is there it should work, perhaps a candidate for moving to an extension. May 8 '17 at 15:02

Agree, it's probably time to remove it.

Over on https://civicrm.org, it's handled like this:

.crm-container #printer-friendly {
  display: none;

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