Amazon have scalable MySQL/MariaDB offerings in Amazon RDS for MySQL (and Amazon RDS for MariaDB). CiviCRM uses MySQL functionality extensively, so it would be interesting to see if the two work well together.

  • What experiences do people have of running CiviCRM on Amazon RDS?
  • Were there any special considerations or steps to get it running?
  • Were there any limitations to CiviCRM you ran into?

We haven't tried running CiviCRM on RDS yet but we have been shifting a Drupal installation across to AWS. A few things we've noted so far that are relevant:

  • It helps if the RDS instance is in the same AZ as the web service
  • The various RDS instances have differing network throughput. It's poorly documented and can catch you out
  • Default settings for MySQL/MariaDB RDS from memory don't have caching enabled. You should be mindful of checking the paramater group for every RDS instance
  • Read replicas can be your friend!

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