We'd like to use inbound mail processing with a bit more granularity so we can do a post-processing search that will let us easily tag new or updated constituents as YOUTH or ADULT.

Currently, we bcc: [email protected] and the new or updated records are created. However, we need to inspect each inbound email to understand if the contact should be tagged youth or adult.

I don't think we can have two inbound email addresses...if we can, I'd love to know how.

I thought maybe I could do something like use [email protected] (for youth) and [email protected] (for adults). This does result in the email and the +1 or +2 flag coming in to Civi! However, I don't see a way to isolate what we need. For example:

An advanced search for CONTACTS with an INBOUND EMAIL ACTIVITY has a check box for with/added by/assigned, but does not have a place to provide the address of [email protected]. If it did, I think this would give me a list of contacts that I would tag as youth.

Another option is an advanced for CONTACTS with INBOUND EMAIL ACTIVITY that contains "[email protected]". But I don't think the address shows in the activity records.

Another work-around I thought of is to include a distinct "code" in the emails we write and bcc to [email protected]. For example, I could put ++y after my sig file when I know I'm writing to a youth and then do an advanced search for CONTACTS that have INBOUND EMAIL ACTIVITIES containing ++y in the body of the inbound email. This would work but seems way too complicated.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this process. Thanks!

We're Wordpress 4.7 and CiviCRM 4.7.17.

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What you're requesting is possible by writing a custom extension, or possibly with CiviRules.

I managed the creation of such an extension, which is available on Github. This extension changes the activity type of any inbound email sent to [email protected] to a different activity type.

If you're a coder, you can adapt that extension to your purpose. If not, try using CiviRules with a trigger of "when an activity is created" and conditions that match your inbound email, and an action of "add a tag".

  • I'll look at your code, thanks. I did have a look at CiviRules. Setting a condition "on inbound email" is easy, but I can't see how to further define the condition to being "from [email protected]". Did you also conclude CiviRules cannot handle this type of delineation as to what it's ingesting when the +1 type addresses are used? Thanks.
    – slbradio
    Commented Jun 9, 2017 at 3:23

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