At the moment, each field specified in a profile that is related to an event online registration form, has its own line, inside its own div. I want to be able to display 2 specific fields in the same line, which are logically connected to each other. How can I do that?


If you are on Drupal you could do the event registration using a webform with webform_civicrm and use the webform_layout module to place two fields on the same line.

Alternatively you could write a tiny extension to drop in some jQuery to move the fields around in the standard event registration form. There is write up of how to do that here: http://jackrabbithanna.com/articles/easy-jquery-modificaiton-civicrm-forms Note that since that was written cj has been deprecated in favour of CRM.$

If you can do the changes with CSS without needing the power of jQuery, you can also do that - see my answer to How can I change the way price set information is presented on a contribution page?

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