I have activated "Sales tax" as per [the documentation], including adding Financial Type and Accounts ("Arrangemangsavgift inkl. moms"):

enter image description here

I've also set my event to use the Finacial Type to the one in the picture. But there is no sign of any "moms" (=VAT). Particularly I'd like to have my event registration page clearly state the VAT.

Update: I have a Price Set which uses the Financial Type: enter image description here

And I've explicitly set the Financial Type of the event to use it too: enter image description here

I don't see any summary/breakdown with VAT on the registration page, and any contribution created by a registration does not have such a breakdown either.

What is a good checklist to get VAT for event registrations to work? Or maybe, why does not ours work ;-)


To enable Sales tax for an Event.

  1. Enable Enable Tax and Invoicing setting in Administer >> CiviContribute >> CiviContribute Component Settings
  2. Create a Financial Account of type Liability, Is Tax Enabled and Tax Rate > 0.
  3. Link Financial Account with Financial Type using 'Sales tax Account is'.
  4. Use financial type configured for tax at #3 for event, price set, and price fields.
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Look for the priceset that is being included in this event. This priceset should have the tax enabled financial type selected in settings.

If you haven't created a priceset - create one from Administer -> CiviEvent -> New Priceset and set the financial type to the one that has a sales tax. Use this priceset on the Event Page.

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  • I already had that. Updated the question with more pictures to show that. – thoni56 Jun 27 '17 at 15:35

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