I'm doing a drupal installation 7.56 with CiviCRM. When I install the CIVICrm Entity module the site starts getting error 500. DOes anyone knows what to do?

best regards Eduardo Catarino


Hi to all and thanks for the ones that gave some clues that helped me to solve the problem.

I was using the drupal and CIVICRM with 2 diferent databases. For that reason after installing the CIVICrm entity module everithing seem not to work.

I checked the civicrm bitnami installation and realized that it was working only with one comon database.

I'm able advance with the project.

Best regards Eduardo

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  • So with CiviCRM tables in the same database as Drupal, CiviCRM Entity chokes on install? I'll have to take a look at that... Thanks for reporting this. – jackrabbithanna Jul 6 '17 at 16:11

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