I have been using Stripe extension (4.7.1) successfully, on several accounts, for several months (using webform integration).

I have just upgraded civi to 4.7.20 (/Drupal 7.56), and everything still works fine.

But now :

I have just openned a new Stripe account, created a pertaining Payment Processor, Contribution Page, and a webform to manage Contributions (as I previously did for previous accounts).

  • When I make a contribution using this webform, my payment goes to an other Stripe account.
  • When I make a contribution simply using the Contribution Page (https://mysite.com/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=xx), I get the following message : "Stripe.js token was not passed! Report this message to the site administrator."

Any help is welcome.

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I have just upgraded Stripe Extension to 4.7.dev, which solved the second issue (stripe.js token not passed).

I close this post and open a new one to be more precise concerning the first issue (payment goes to an other account) : see : Webform Contribution Payment is paid to a wrong Account

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