I'm trying to use CiviCRM's crmUiSelect AngularJS directive to create a select2 element in a form. I want to call a function in my controller when the user changes this element, so I'm using the ngChange directive. But each change is firing two calls to this function.

Here's a screenshot of the element, with the console logging below, after I've made one selection.


This is my controller code:

$scope.options = [
  {"value": "foo", "label": "Foo"},
  {"value": "bar", "label": "Bar"},
  {"value": "baz", "label": "Baz"},
  {"value": "bat", "label": "Bat"}

$scope.log = function (value) {

and my template code:

  crm-ui-select="{allowClear: true}"
  <option ng-repeat="option in options" value="{{option.value}}">

How can I get the event to fire once instead of twice?

Somewhat frustratingly, the event is fired only once if I remove multiple="multiple" or if I remove the crm-ui-select directive. But I really do want a select2 mtuli-select here.

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