I understand there is a shortcode for displaying a list of upcoming events, that is


Is there a way to display categories of events as shown below?


Also are there ways to filter events by location and other filters? If so, how?

Thank you!

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The shortcode you refer to is provided by the CiviEvent Widget plugin. It has a number of configuration options which you can read about on the plugin homepage. I would look at the custom_filter options to see if you can make it fit your requirements.

If the widget doesn't allow filtering by event category, I'd consider a more complex (but also more flexible) system based on Event Organiser and CiviCRM Event Organiser which will definitely do what you're after.

Have a look at the standard calendar, an event category and the list of events at a venue for the kind of things that are available out of the box.


Christian is correct. You can do this using the "Custom" tab of the CiviEvent Widget. Use a JSON code in the "Custom API filter" field like this:

{"event_type_id": 7}

Where "7" is the id of the event type you want.

You can even use a range of type ids like this:

{"event_type_id": {">=": 7}}

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