According to this twilio page (https://twilio.radicalskills.com/projects/messaging-in-production/1.html#long-or-short-code) - if you send more than 200 SMS messages per day while using a "long code" you can have your account suspended or filtered.

Has anyone worked on an extension to rotate between multiple accounts to avoid hitting this 200 contact limit?

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That is a total hack, and is therefore the wrong solution to the problem.

If they have these limits it's for a reason. Ultimately Twilio may be the wrong provider for you, or you're on the wrong plan with them.

Suggestion: research other providers.

  • As the question is asked... you're 100% correct. The paragraph after the one linked actually has all the information about why :). I'd like to add that Jamie may be asking about/need to look into "Pooling multiple long codes" (further down the page or twilio.radicalskills.com/projects/messaging-in-production/…). There's even a code sample! Jul 17, 2017 at 20:56

I've posted a ticket upstream and submitted a patch:


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