New here, trying to know more about CiviCRM !

  1. Is CiviCRM (and/or its extension)providing any support in terms of accounting for NGOs ?
  2. If we already have a website on wix, is it possible to integrate some features (online donations, memberships forms, newsletter suscribers database etc..) ?
    1. Is there a technical assistance (phone, email..) in the CiviCore Team available to respond to urgent matters, bugs, etc if need be ?

Thanks a lot for your precious help and comment !



Trying to provide some answers:

  1. Depends on what you mean by support for accounting, can you define that in a little more detail? CiviCRM can store contributions, event fees and membership fees and will store them with a specific financial type, linked to a financial account. For each of those contributions, event fees and member dues it will also generate financial transactions. You can assign those transactions to an accounting batch, which you will be able to download in CSV format (or IIF out of the top of my head) which you can then import in your financial system.
  2. It is certainly possible to communicate with CiviCRM from any type of website using the API. So it will also be possible to create online donations etc. If you want to use some of the standard generated pages, you can probably do some by including the page in your Wix website. But it will require some consideration about what you want exactly, what the alternatives are and what the pros and cons of each alternative are. Some of the NGO's I work with want their public website and CiviCRM on separate servers for security/privacy considerations (and it makes sense IMO). But the consequence is that some of the nice and easy-to-use form modules that allow easy access to CiviCRM data need some adaptation.
  3. There is certainly technical assistance from a CiviCRM partner in your region. There is as far as I know no Core Team technical assistance because that does not fit into our community model. It would mean having a big Core Team, while we have a small one focusing on the core product and a large group of partners focusing on supporting partners. So check where your nearest partner is here. All of the contributors and partners you will find on this list are active in the community and know their stuff when it comes to CiviCRM. You can obviously also try to find another organization that is not on the list that says they know about CiviCRM, but you run a little more risk then with the listed contributors and partners.

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