There are lots of links in CiviCRM which will: (a) open an overlaid modal dialog when clicked, and (b) open the same content in a new page when Ctrl+clicked or middle-clicked. This is cool and I want to make one link which does this.

I see here that pages can enable this behavior for all links within the page by extending CRM_Core_Page and setting public $useLivePageJS = FALSE;. Neat, but not quite what I want.

I'm building an extension where I want to achieve the same result, but for one link which would live at the top level of the CiviCRM menu. Is there a class I can add somewhere, or a javascript function I can call somehow that will enable this "modal" functionality for one link?


It's quite simple actually. Add the css class crm-popup to the link and you're done :)

  • That's pretty great!! – Aiden Oct 3 '20 at 11:49

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