The CiviCRM EntityRef form element uses a Select2 select box to make lots of CiviCRM forms more awesome. A user can, for example, search for contacts to choose one. Great.

I am building an extension where I would like to take an EntityRef element from a core form and select a use javascript to select a specific entity (or multiple entities in the case of a multi-select). Is there a javascript function I can call in order to trigger such a selection (by passing in the ID of the entity, for example)?


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According to this related question, it should be possible to do this via:

$('#id-of-select2').select2('val', 'value-to-select');

or, if you want to select multiple items in a multiselect:

$('#id-of-select2').select2('val', ['value-to-select', 'another-value']);

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