If I add class="crm-popup" to an internal hyperlink in CiviCRM, I can make CiviCRM open the target page inside a modal dialog. Cool!

But if the target page is an AngularJS page (e.g. /civicrm/a/#/mailing/1, or /civicrm/a/#/status), then this technique doesn't seem to work. I can open the link in a new new tab, but when I click to open the modal dialog I see the following:

  1. modal dialog opens
  2. inside it I see a large spinning CiviCRM icon which tells me AngularJS is loading
  3. I see the text Unknown path inside the modal dialog.

For my extension, I'd actually like to use a custom AngularJS page on top of a custom base base, and I have this working. But when I try to load my page inside a crm-popup I get the same failure as noted above, except on step 3 I don't see Unknown path, and I do see the following console error message:

TypeError: newUrl.split(...)[1] is undefined[Learn More] crm.ajax.js:167:14

I'd love to know if there's a way I can adjust my AngularJS page, my base page, or my popup link to get the AngularJS page to load inside the modal dialog.


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