Since the last CiviCRm version 4.7.21 to 4.7.23, I have the display_name empty. There is also the trouble for the sort_name.

I found the report of SarahG (FountainTribe) here https://forum.civicrm.org/index.php?topic=33928.msg143820#msg143820 It states that :

The return value from "CRM_Utils_Address::format" is returning an empty string for the display name and the sort name. Those empty strings cause the calling function to use email address instead.

I applied her solution :

In the file /CRM/Contact/BAO/Individual.php (around 210 -215) I replaced the line: Code: $displayName = CRM_Utils_Address::format($formatted, $format, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, $tokenFields );

New line: Code: $displayName = $firstName." ".$lastName;

Did similar replacement for the $sortName variable.

This solved the trouble. But as she stated, it is only a temporary solution.

Does anyone still encountered this issue with CiviCRm version 4.7.23 ?

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    Hello, here's a follow-up after testing the Release Candidate CiviCRm version 4.7.24. All the issues with displayName and probably from the function CRM_Utils_Address::format are solved. So it seems that issue is resolved from the 4.7.24 that is due to be out in September.
    – Ichi
    Aug 10 '17 at 7:47

After upgrading to 4.7.24 then to 4.7.25, I observed that the issue with the No displayName after editing or creating came back. This is strange that Release Candidate CiviCRm version 4.7.24 was the only fix. Does-it concern other people and other installation ?

  • Upgrading will overwrite your modification to the core file. You'll need to figure out what's going on with your underlying data to resolve this fully. Oct 13 '17 at 5:55
  • Yes Jon, after any update the problem comes back. Now it is CiviCRM 5.2.1 and I still have to replace the line. I still have no clue where this comes from.
    – Ichi
    Jun 9 '18 at 17:30

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