I have a dashlet report that has a good number of columns. Right now I can only place it in either the left or right dashboard column. That cuts of the report view and I have to expand it every time I want to see the entire thing. Is there a way to make it wider on the dashboard or perhaps have it span over the right and left column?

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You can make the dashlets wider on the dashboard.

It's hard to give exact instructions because I don't know what CMS you're using - it's a good idea to post your CMS and CiviCRM version with a question for this reason - but if you're using Drupal 7, I like the Civi Bartik theme for my back end. It makes a number of sections wider, including the dashlets. Make sure that civicrm_theme is enabled, then go to the "Appearance" section of Drupal and set the CiviCRM back-end theme to Civi Bartik.

  • A good option here would be to provide a third region of the dashboard that is full width.
    – Graham
    Commented Feb 9, 2019 at 19:37

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