Is there any way possible to have dedupe rules specific to particular profiles instead of for whole contact feature?


Profile 1:-

  • Name
  • Email
  • Dob
  • Gender

Profile 2:-

  • Name
  • Dob
  • Gender

Dedupe Rule 1:- Name AND Dob AND Gender

Above rule is defined which applies to both profiles

how make it specific to Profile 2?


There is no inbuilt way for doing this directly for Profiles with CiviCRM.

Event management is the only feature in CiviCRM that I know can do this since you can specify the Profile and the matching rule - not suggesting you have folk sign up to an event purely to achieve this but hey, you could ;-)

For Drupal users, you can build a webform_civicrm form and specify the fields and matching rules to apply and hence get very close to what you are asking for.

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