I tried below steps but I am getting an error in calling rest API via the browser.

  1. I checked which user is an administrator and added api key via phpmyadmin interface.
  2. Get the site key from CiviCRM settings.
  3. I cross checked that user have permissions for editing and view contacts.
  4. I want to get operation for contacts based on some condition.

Please have a look at error that I am getting.enter image description here

Setting file is present in same folder public_html/crm/sites/default

Please help me.It's the little bit urgent. I am very thankful to you.

With Regards,

Mohit Thareja

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In your pictured error messages, I see sites/all/modules/cv/civicrm which looks a little strange. CiviCRM is typically installed at sites/all/modules/civicrm. I'm not positive this will help, but I would suggest trying the following:

  1. Move the civicrm folder up into the modules folder.
  2. Make sure CiviCRM still works via the regular front-end interface (and troubleshoot, as necessary)
  3. Try your REST call again

I've seen CiviCRM not behave correctly in a couple of other cases, both of which I believe have been addressed in recent releases but still might be worth investigating:

  • Where a symlink existed as part of the site path. (eg, /home4/mark is actually a symlink to /srv/userdata/m/mark, or /home4/mark/public_html/crm is a symlink to /home4/mark/project1/civicrm)
  • Where the CMS/CiviCRM was not installed to the webroot of the site. (This appears to be the case, eg Drupal/CiviCRM is installed at http://example.org/crm/ rather than http://example.org/

If Sean's recommendation doesn't resolve your situation, you might investigate these potential causes as well.

In any case, please do update with the solution you find - it may help that being addressed in CiviCRM core and save you or other users similar challenges in future!

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