I'm using the Events - Registration Confirmation and Receipt (on-line) under the workflow messages in the e-mail templates.

My event is using a custom Profile for the form fields.

The confirmation page in de event form flow is correctly showing ALL entered values.

The confirmation e-mail however, is showing empty values for all fields that were made mandatory in the profile. Screenshot added:

enter image description here

The code from the e-mail template (from: civicrm/admin/messageTemplates?reset=1 => Events - Registration Confirmation and Receipt (on-line) ) I could work with is:

{if $customPre} {foreach from=$customPre item=customPr key=i} {$customPre_grouptitle.$i} {foreach from=$customPr item=customValue key=customName} {if ( $trackingFields and ! in_array( $customName, $trackingFields ) ) or ! $trackingFields} {$customName} {$customValue} {/if} {/foreach} {/foreach} {/if}

This isn't telling me much, though.

Any thoughts?

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Mandatory was not the trigger of this. Fields of type: "Money" don't get printed in the e-mails.

Another nice one!

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