I am using Wordpress 4.8.1 and CiviCRM 4.7.22.
Please see the screen shot of my payment processor on a contribution page. I am using Paypal Payments Pro. You will see where it says click the "Continue" button on the bottom. The button on the bottom says "Contribute". That is very unprofessional. Where can I fix that?

Thank you Screenshot

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If you want the exact filename of the text, you can simply grep inside the civicrm directory -

$ grep -rl "If you have a PayPal account" templates/

Which gives the result of this file. You need to either -

  1. Change the Continue text and create a PR to get it accepted into core.
  2. Override this file into an extension. (Not recommended based on Coleman's explanation on the link.)
  3. Write a simple js in an ext and change the text of the paypal msg or the Contribute button.

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