Can I import membership contact and membership details all in one upload without my contact already existing? Or does my contact need to already be a contact for me to upload membership specifics - and it takes two uploads not one.

Plus, I have a field called Membership Organisation which when importing my data gives a reason of ' invalid; membership type (which is a separate field).


Unfortunately, the built-in CiviCRM import can't do contacts and memberships together. You need to do two uploads. Worse still, if they're paid memberships, you have to do three uploads - though folks have written extensions to address this (see other questions here and here. No one has made a general "works for everyone" extension though.

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    As for your second issue - Stack Exchange works best if there's a single question per post. Could you please post that as a separate question, and include a sample line of (anonymized) data, including your headers? I wonder if your CSV file is malformed. Aug 31 '17 at 16:05

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