Every time I run civibuild create or civibuild reinstall to create a local Drupal/CiviCRM development site, I find myself running drush vset theme_default seven afterwards so that I get the "Seven" theme instead of "Bartik" (which I find makes CiviCRM easier to use on smaller screens). This step is easy, but I find myself running civibuild frequently enough that I'd like to avoid the extra step in order to make my workflow more efficient.

Is there a way I can configure my local buildkit installation to run this drush command after running civibuild? Or some other way to set the default theme?

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Two options: 1) edit your own buildkit script or 2) prepare a PR for buildkit and convonce Tim seven is a lot more useful than Bartik; I'll second that!

A third could be a config option; 3) PR a change to buildit where the theme you like become a config option when running amp config

  • We use sidebars all the time with our civi installs, so Seven wouldn't be a popular switch for me
    – petednz - fuzion
    Aug 31, 2017 at 22:38

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