Within my extension I can load classes from CiviCRM's core codebase like this:

$foo = new \Civi\Core\AssetBuilder();

And I can also load custom classes that I've written in my extension like this:

$foo = new CRM_MyExtension_MyClass();


But if I've defined a custom class within my extension using the Civi namespace, the following does not work:

$foo = new \Civi\MyExtension\MyClass();

It fails with this error message:

Error: Class 'Civi\MyExtension\MyClass' not found in ...

How can I load this custom class from within my extension?

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Add the following elements to your extension's info.xml file to enable PSR-4 autoloading:

  <psr4 prefix="Civi\" path="Civi"/>

Also see docs on the <classloader> element

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