We are a charity interested in CRM and I wondered if you could please provide me with some information:

  1. A brief outline of what is on offer with your CRM package
  2. How we could use it – the benefits
  3. How much it would cost (initial set up and on-going)
  4. Any difficulties in implementing the system

Many thanks,



CiviCRM is indeed a good CRM for most charities in my experience :-)

There is actually no such thing as your CRM package. CiviCRM is community based and open source, and getting started works in a different way. There is no sales organization in CiviCRM itself, the software is community developed and based. Most people answering posts here are CiviCRM users and/or experts answering questions as community members in their own time, like me.

As there is no license cost involved, there is also nothing (and everything) on offer.

Your best first step to get your questions answered would be to contact a CiviCRM partner that is close to you. You can find a list here. One of the partners will be able to help you with some of your questions.

A brief outline of what is on offer can be found in the User Guide. That might help you to get an idea. I would strongly recommend you to outline what you would want to achieve though, rather than focus on what is on offer.

As far as the costs go, please check this similar post.

Good luck setting the first steps!


The best place to start would probably be some of the case studies here: https://civicrm.org/case-studies

And then try contacting a few of the partners near to you: https://civicrm.org/partners-contributors

CiviCRM is used by a lot of charities and non-profit organisations. It also has a large number of extensions so can usually support your use-cases. Without understanding your requirements a little better it is difficult to offer more advice.

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