I installed wordpress in a directory that is not root. I later installed Civicrm. From within the admin area I am able to access the events without any issue. when I use the test link to access an event it works. However when I use the live link, it goes to the wrong address. What do I need to change to get the live links to work outside of civicrm admin area?

Example: Working link http://akhawaty.org/aiw/wp-admin/admin.php?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm%2Fevent%2Finfo&id=7&reset=1

Nonworking link http://akhawaty.org/aiw/civicrm?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/event/info&reset=1&id=7

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I believe that installing CiviCRM with WordPress in a different directory is not fully supported.

See this answer: 404 errors for loading CSS on Event pages (Wordpress)

The list of issues are documented on this page in the Wiki: WordPress installed in its own directory issues

If possible, I would suggest that you install WordPress in the root directory.

  • I am not getting a 404 error. It is taking me to a blog post, or a page on my website versus to the actual registration. the URL for testing the registration actually works. I was able to manipulate where the URL should go to actually register For example: link It looks like a bug existed for this issue before, and there was a work around, but now with the updated wordpress the issue has returned.
    – Neely
    Nov 8, 2017 at 3:47

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