I have installed CiviHR (extension) version 1.6.11 on wordpress. When I view the Job Contract in the Contact Information, I got the error message "Unable to reach the server. Please refresh this page in your browser and try again." Check the console of the browser, I saw the browser received 500 Server error when request to address

The detail in the image below: enter image description here

Please help me to fix this problem. Thanks you very much.


I have detected the issued. I open apache log and saw the error

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function file_upload_max_size() in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/civicrm/ext/hrjobcontract/CRM/Hrjobcontract/Page/JobContractTab.php on line 46

So I go to the directory and edit that. Because the default value for max size when upload contract file is 10MB. So I change that. Every thing work well now. enter image description here

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