How can we give early access to registration forms to certain members, based on their membership status/role?

For instance,

Premium Members can access 2 weeks early and register. Regular 1 weeks early. Non-members on regular timing.

CiviCRM 4.7 / Drupal


There are two approaches you can take.

One is to use the Group-Based Pricing extension with price sets to enable members-only price sets.

You could also use a custom extension - about 10 lines of code should get you there. See Are private contribution pages a thing?

  • I really enjoyed this comment. Thanks Jon. I was not aware of the Group-Based Pricing extension.
    – Zachary
    Sep 19 '17 at 17:43

Here's a third one: webform civicrm; combined with drupal member role sync and access permissions; no code required; Just check add one checkbox every week (who can submit webform);

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