On a 4.5 site running the most recent Drupal, I have to use the themekey module to make CiviCRM public facing pages use a different theme from the site default because of Bootstrap compatibility problems. (For admin stuff I'm using a non-bootstrap admin theme.)

The client really wants the public-facing part of the site to use the same bootstrap theme for all pages.

Is 4.6 have any better Bootstrap compatibility than 4.5?

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4.7 should be, but not 4.6 as is. There was a GSoC student who worked on making CiviCRM more Bootstrap-friendly, unfortunately the patches were not merged in for 4.6.

I've started working on it again, based on Amilineni's work, but I'm slowly moving forward. If anyone beats me to it, I will be more than happy :)

So far, I've been trying to add a few classes to core forms (CRM/Core/Form.php), and try to see if we can override the CSS on buttons using Saas/Less, and perhaps moving a bit of CSS out of civicrm.css so that we can make it optional (to avoid loading extra CSS rules if we are using Bootstrap).

  • Would you mind lending a hand with information about why 4.7 should be more Bootstrap friendly? Thanks.
    – Zachary
    May 24, 2016 at 1:18

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