Is not a question, i just want to share with you how you can create a new template on civicrm / mosaico!

for wordpress:

Template directory:


here you find 3 templates directory that already exists

choose one of the folders (important) and duplicate and rename folder and the.html inside (respecte the nomenclature)

next step view your template in the selection area in wordpress

go to


edit index.js

and add your template here:

var viewModel = {
        showSaved: ko.observable (false),
        edits: ko.observableArray (initialEdits),
        templates: [{
          name: 'versafix-1', desc: 'The versatile template'
        }, {
          name: 'tedc15', desc: 'The TEDC15 template'
        }, {
          name: 'tutorial', desc: 'The Tutorial'
        }, {
          name: 'newtemplate', desc: 'newtemplatetitle'

Final step is create / modify your own template put your new template with correct name in your Template directory

sorry for my poor english ... I'm french: p

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Thanks for this - it helped me out.

I believe the second part of your answer is no longer valid.

The new place to reference your template seems to be in: uk.co.vedaconsulting.mosaico/CRM/Mosaico/BAO/MosaicoTemplate.php.

Edit the findBaseTemplates() method to return another record with your new template's details and it should show up under the Mailings -> Mosaico Templates menu option in the New from base template: section

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