How can I add more fields in columns Tab in Constituent Summary or how can I change the Fields names in columns Tab in Constituent Summary? Also every time that I export my report as a CSV file I get the columns in specific order how can I change the order to the one that I want? Thanks

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The short answer is "You can't unless you're a programmer". This is a feature that was never added to CiviReport. However, you have many alternatives.


You can add new columns if they are custom fields that you have created. You just need to ensure that the fields are defined as "Searchable" otherwise the fields won't be available in the columns tab.

To check if your custom fields are "Searchable" :

  • menu Administer -> Customize data and screen -> custom fields
  • choose the custom fields set -> click on View and Edit Custom Fields
  • you should set in the column Searchable? the value Yes (in my screenshot, all fields are not searchable so they won't be available for the reports)

enter image description here

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