Where do I find the Volunteer Signup Data?

I created a new event, used CiviVolunteer to schedule volunteer slots.

But when I go to Manage Events > My Event > Participants, there's nothing there.

I can't find a record of it anywhere except in the contact's Activity list.


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I found that you can go to >>> Contacts >>> Contact Reports >>> Volunteer Reports.

That'll give you a table listing all of the volunteers and the events that they've signed up for.

Also, when that reports table opens up, there's a toggle button at the top - "Access"

If you hit that, you can add this report as a menu item which is handy. I added mine to the Events main menu.


You can go to the Volunteers tab of your event to view, manage, and record hours for the registered volunteers. Note that volunteers and participants are different (although it's possible for one person to both volunteer and participate, in which case they'd show up in both places).

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